The Blueberry Patch
A Vibrantly Sweet Treat!

Looking for a sweet snack packed with flavor and nutrients? Try our farm fresh blueberries! Blueberry season on the farm is a great time to load up on these sweet little morsels!

Blueberry Picking season typically starts around July 5th and ends in early September.

Please call 860-633-2789 for accurate picking information!

U-Pick Blueberries

Make an afternoon of pick-your-own blueberries in our bountiful blueberry patch! We sell our u-pick blueberries by the pound so be sure to fill up your container!

Already Picked Blueberries

Love the taste of our blueberries, but don't have enough time to head into the patch? No problem! We now carry our farm fresh blueberries in our market!

Check out our Ripening Calendar!