Our Apple Orchards
Hand-pick something wonderful!

Step into our vast apple orchard for a one-of-a-kind u-pick adventure! We have over 24 varieties of apples, and have apples ready to pick from mid-August into early November.

Nothing beats the freshness of hand-picked produce and our delectable farm grown apples are no exception!

Please call 860-633-2789 for accurate picking information!

U-Pick Apple Pricing

Our apple pick-your-own is priced by the pound. Head out into the orchard and fill one of our bags or boxes full of tasty, farm fresh apples! Please call for pricing by variety.

Check out our ripening calendar for approximate ripening dates or read on for more information on picking, storing, and preparing your fresh-picked apples.

Check out our Apple Ripening Dates

Become an Apple Expert

Picking Apples

Be sure to choose apples that are free of bruises, fragrant, and firm to the touch.

Best Storage Practices

When storing apples, keep in mind that apples ripen 6 to 10 times faster at room temperature than when refrigerated. Apples that will not be eaten in a day or two should be refrigerated in the crisper and stored by themselves due to the fact that the fruit emits ethylene gas, which can cause other fruits and vegetables to decompose.

To prepare apples for freezing, slice them and place the slices on a cookie sheet. Once the individual slices are completely frozen, transfer them to a plastic storage bag.

Apple Varieties & Uses

Flavor Texture Uses Storage
Paula Red Slightly tart, Mac type flavor Firm Snacking, Baking, Sauce, Salads Short 2wk+ shelf life
Ginger Gold Sweet, Tart Very Crisp Snacking, Salads

Short 2wk+ shelf life

Jonamac Similar to a Mac X with Jonathan Firm, Crisp Snacking, Baking, Sauce Short term storage
McIntosh Tangy, Sweet, Tart Tender, Juicy Snacking, Sauce, Bakes up Soft Good Keeper
Cortland Sweet, Tart Firm, Juicy All-Purpose, slow to brown Good Keeper
Macoun Sweet Distinct Flavor Firm, Juicy Bakes up soft, best for snacking, sauce & salads Keeps good until Thanksgiving
Empire Spicy, Tangy Crisp Snacking, Salads, Sauce & Baking Good Keeper
Gala Sweet Crisp Snacking, Salads Good Keeper
Mutsu Sweet, Tangy Firm, Juicy Snacking, Salads, Bakes up firm Good Keeper
Honeycrisp Sweet, Tart Extra Crisp, Juicy Snacking, Salads Good Keeper
Red Delicious Sweet Crisp Snacking, Salads Keeps well until Jan 1st
Golden Delicious Sweet, Tangy Crisp Snacking, Salads, Sauce, Bakes up firm Good Keeper
Stayman Tart, Tangy Firm, Crisp Snacking, Sauce, Baking Good Storage Apple
Rome Sweet Extra Firm Baking, Sauce Good Storage Apple
Ida Red Tart at Harvest, Sweetens w, Storage Firm, Crisp Excellent for Baking, Sauce Very Good Keeper
Granny Smith Tart Firm, Crisp, Juicy Snacking, Baking, Sauce, Salads Extra Long Keeper
Fuji Spicy at Harvest, Sweetens w, Storage Star Firm, Crisp Snacking, Salads Extra Long Keeper
Braeburn Sweet, Tart Firm, Crisp Snacking, Salads Long Keeper
Jonagold Sweet, Tart Firm, Juicy Snacking, Baking, Salads Good Storage Apple
Cameo Sweet, Tart Firm, Juicy Snacking, Salads Long Keeper
Pink Lady Sweet, Tart, Flavor enhances after storage Extra Firm Snacking, Salads, Bakes up firm Extra Long Storage
Winesap More Stringent an Stayman Very firm, thick skin Baking, Sauce Long Keeper
Russett Sweet, Acidic Firm Snacking, Salads, Cider Good Keeper
Baldwin Tart Extra firm Baking. Sauce Good Keeper