Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
A Hartford Christmas Tradition!

During the holiday season our family farm is filled with the fragrant smell of fresh cut Christmas trees ready for decorating! Stop by the farm and help us celebrate the timeless tradition of Christmas with real Christmas trees!

Our trees are locally grown, premium Fraser Firs. Visit our market for a wonderful selection of these beautiful, pre-cut Christmas trees!

Caring for Your Tree

If you're not immediately ready to set up and decorate your tree, leave it outdoors in a spot protected from wind and sun, with the base in water. When the time comes to set up your tree, make a fresh cut on the base - just saw off the bottom quarter inch of the trunk. This opens the tree stem so it can take up water properly. Then put it right into a stand filled with fresh water.

Fresh-cut trees are very thirsty. Your tree will drink between two pints and a gallon of water a day, so it's essential to have a water-bearing stand that can hold at least a gallon of water or more. Check the stand every day and add fresh water as needed.

Remember, if you let the water level drop below the freshly cut base of the trunk, a new seal will form over the bottom and the tree will not be able to drink.

Your tree will be happiest away from sources of heat like fireplaces, registers, radiators or baseboard heaters and away from the direct rays of the sun.